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Ear Cleaning

All ear cleaning services are welcome without an appointment. Walk ins are taken between 10 AM – 4 PM. Fees are 10$ per dog.


  • Prevents infections
  • Removes organic matter
  • Gets rid of ear mites
  • Maintains a healthy balance of bacteria

Four reasons why you need to clean your dogs ears:

Prevents Infections

One of the main benefits of regularly cleaning your dog’s ears is to prevent dog ear infections. These can be extremely painful for your pet, so your best bet is to avoid them. The dirt and excess wax build up create the perfect feeding ground for infection-causing bacteria and yeast.

Removes Organic Matter

If your dog loves playing outside, rolling in the grass, running in the woods, or playing in the sand, then it’s important to check his ears for dirt. Small twigs, weeds, and other plants can get lodged in the ear while your pet is having fun.

Gets Rid Of Ear Mites

Ear mites are highly contagious and annoying parasites. They feed on ear wax and can cause infection.

Maintains A Healthy Balance of Bacteria

Your dogs ears are also home to healthy bacteria. If you have a healthy pet, it is recommended not to clean your dog’s ears more than once a week.

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